. Tuesday, May 20, 2014 .
So far for me Blue Jays are the hardest to photograph.  They are so jumpy.

This one for some reason stayed close to the door.  I had to shoot through the glass because I knew if I just moved to open the door he would fly away.

Looking for seeds that have dropped to the ground.  They sure do love a good plump peanut!  Mark can't keep the peanut feeder filled.

Hard One To Get

. .
I think these birds are one of my least favorite...right up there with those darn Starlings.  But I do love how their eyes look in a picture.
The Common Grackle

They ruffle up my feathers when they chase all the 'pretty' birds away to eat all the bird seeds.

I do like the blue tint to their heads and I think they are the birds that fly with their tail feathers turned up and down instead of side to side.  I bet there is a bird term for that.  Where's Gloria when you need her?

A Love Hate Relationship

. Wednesday, May 14, 2014 .
After Wammyville closed Mark and I took two chairs into the backyard and camped out for awhile on bluebird watch.

They sure are fun to watch.  And they must be getting used to us because we can now walk into the barn and they don't fly away.  I so want to look inside to see what is going on but mark says I will scare them away.  Right now we are building relationships.

Bluebirds Second Set

. .
I always thought they were Morning Doves...had to look that one up too!


Mourning Dove

. .
Not the greatest shot in the world but I did manage to sneak up this close.  A Baltimore Oriole!  And he comes with a mate!  He has been trying to fly in the front door all week.  So we loaded up two oriole feeders and put them in the backyard. I still left the bowl of jelly on the front porch.  They hung around all day yesterday and we say them high up in the trees out back last night near dinner time.

Oh Yes!

. Tuesday, May 13, 2014 .
We have been trying so hard to entice bluebirds to the yard.  Well, today I just happened to look up to see a bluebird on the box.  Then there one stuck it's head out.  Then two more kept taking turns going in and out of the box.  If I'm counting my bluebirds right we have two pair.  Jackpot!

The kids and are watching for more bluebirds.  Doodles is giving me lost of instruction because her Grammy has bluebirds in her yard.  Mark is on his way to the bird store for mealworms.

Backyard Bluebirds