Monday, January 30, 2012

SOOCSunday...Old Buildings

I love old stuff.  The old stuff that has seen better days.  Old stuff that I can bring new life into.  We love to drive the back roads because you never know what you will find.  It has sorta been a tradition in both our family to do something 'familish' on Sunday.  We take long, long drives in the country.  There are always snacks involved.  And most likely there will be a dinner stop somewhere we have never eaten before.  We have found some dandy places!

ECT is more that right!  There was so much etc that you could hardly move.  I saw lots of things that were really old and screaming my name but the prices were really, really out of this world.  And the guy was in no mood to bargin.  So we moved on down the road to bigger and better things.

I'm headed over to Murrieta365 to see what everyone else has dropped off this week.

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