Wednesday, February 1, 2012

FOTM...February 2011



The flower bed really doesn't look too much different.  But I can tell you that on the first day of February it was 60 degrees and beautiful!  I am wondering if we are even going to have a winter and just slowly go into spring...we have daffodils that are up 4 inches...or are we going to have winter until May.

I am looking forward to seeing what changes others have from in February...Come with me and see...Murrieta365.


  1. I can see that this will be a very busy backyard as we get into spring and summer. Do you still have some plants growing in your greenhouse? I hope sometime you'll show us a closeup of your fence--lots going on there.

  2. weather is very similar here.

  3. I think Jack Frost is just waiting to scratch is cold nails down our windows and bite our premature baby plants.

  4. It does look very much the same. I'm thinking this winter might just be late in getting here. There's still a long time that we could get snowstorms where I'm at.


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