Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Coral Bells

It is amazing to me how hard red things are for me to find. I don't want to just take pic of red tulips or little red wagons, though it is very tempting. I'm trying to look at all things in a different light. Trying to be more artistic in my shots. This week I think I achieved that goal.  Ruby Tuesday always challenges me to do my best.   That's why I do it.  That's why I am always seeing red.

We have been gardening fools this week.  We have one month to have the yard looking its best for Sarah's graduation party.  I was weeding the bed right out the family room door and say RED.  Mark could tell you right off the top of his head what the name of this plant it...Latin form and plain English.  I always have to go get our huge A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants.  As long as there is a picture I'm good.  It took me awhile but I remembered that these are coral bells...sweet tea.  We got these because I love me some sweet syrupy sweet tea.  My Aunt Judy makes the best on the planet...more sugar than tea.

I love the color contrast in this shot.  The sun shining thru the brown, sweet tea colored leaves, turns the red on the underneath side on.  Then it is surrounded by all the luscious green of the other coral bells. 

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  1. Great capture, Jan. To me it looked like on of the red leaves my geraniums get.

  2. Very nice lens work. I also like the sun capture.My Ruby Link for you

  3. Coral bells! Yes, I love them. I have quite a few in fact! Nice shot of their lovely leaves.


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