Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ya Gotta Wonder

After working in the yard today, Mark, Emmy and I went for a little drive north of the city to hopefully find something really cool for the yard. But it was  a big fat waste of time. We hit several nurseries...everyone had the same flowers. We even went to a Aquatic and Garden Fountain store. I took my camera in hopes of taking pictures of some great ideas. Nothing, Nada, not a single thing. But this little buy was entrenched right by out van. He made me laugh. Something tells me that he might not ever make it to our house. But he is awfully interesting, don't ya think?  Don't you just want to rub his big belly?
I love looking to see what everyone else sees thru their own cameras. Come and check things out at Jan's blog, Murrietta365.


  1. Yes, I think he's interesting, too. A little wacky, but interesting.

  2. That is an interesting looking statue.


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