Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July Bluebirds Babies

I had been seeing a pair of bluebirds flying around in the backyard. Then one night
when I was playing with the boys I say one go in the bluebird box. Thought I would give them the night and check out the box the next morning.

Sure enough...5 beautiful bluebird eggs.

Checked the next day...still five eggs.

I think I waited for about 2 weeks, maybe a few days more.  Checked again and found bluebird babies.

Hungry little babies.

Checked the next day.

Then I started counting little bluebird heads.

Then we left for a week on vacation.

One of the first things I did was check on by bluebird babies.  They have feathers now.  And I see a little blue on them.  So now I patiently wait for them to stick their little heads out the hole.  Don't want them to fall out of the nest when I open the door to the box.  Grow beautiful little blue babies, grow.

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