Friday, March 25, 2011

Queen Anne's Lace

Our grand kids...the best grand kids ever...have been visiting from CO.  They love to hike so we did a few while they were here.  On this particular hike it was cold, winds and a little damp.  This poor Queen Anne's Lace was so dry but yet so different.  It was hard to get a shot because it was blowing back and forth.  Just looking a the picture makes me want to get under a warm quilt with some hot chocolate. 

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  1. It certainly is a stark shot. Very impressive you managed to get a great picture with the winds.

  2. What a beautiful photo... l love the dead plant and the sepia tones with the little hint of new green growth in the background...

  3. It does give you a shiver to look at it! I love Queen Anne's lace when it is in it's glory during the summer!

  4. It's funny, my husband and I went walking yesterday and I took a photo that looks almost like this one :)
    Great SOOC shot.


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