Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Another Tuesday and another Ruby Tuesday Photo Challenge.  I'm ready this week.  I took this tulip shot last week when the tulips finally bloomed.   I noticed the red in the center when I was counting the whopping total of three yellow tulips.  The deer love them!  Note to self...don't plant any more tulips in the backyard for the deer to munch on.
I love how you are able to really see the yellow and how it 'flows' up to the edges of the yellow petals. I am glad to get a picture of this one because I know that it probably won't last too long...the deer make nightly trips through the yard.


  1. Love you photo. It's just great.

    Jan, you've got to do two things with posts like this, in addition to posting you beautiful photography, that is. One: link to the meme, in this case Mary T. Two: go over and sign in that you've posted.

  2. Oops! Thanks Jan for setting me straight! I think I just forgot to do that part. I was trying so hard to break our origional blog down into several smaller ones...thanks


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