Monday, June 9, 2014

Going On An Eagle Hunt

Denise and I got word that there are American Bald Eagles at East Fork Lake.  So this morning early we were on the hunt.  Everyone we talked to had a different story about when and  were the eagles were last seen (I checked out YouTube and there is a video from last year).  We drove to several of the boat docks but no luck.  I was really hoping that we would get lucky and see one sitting in an old dead tree.  I had the shot in my mind.  Instead we saw....
 blue dragon flies

and swallows chasing bugs above the water.

We had some lunch before heading back and decided to skip the hummingbird nest (read about that on The Ellis Family Cincinnati blog) and check out the Cincinnati Nature Center.

We walked to the first bird blind and saw this hanging in a tree.

Thought it was pretty neat.

 Daddy Long Legs sure do have a pretty scary face.
My pick of the day...not sure what these little woodpeckers are doing but it makes a rather interesting shot.

There is a story behind this so bare with me.  While we were hiking in the Red River Gorge last week I kept seeing these little things that looked like spit.  Some were on the plants and lots were on pine trees.  I kept telling Mark that I was going to send a picture to my friend Lester Peyton at the CNC because I knew that if anyone would be able to tell me what it was, Lester would be the one...he knows everything about nature.

We pull into the Nature Center and guess who is checking memberships...LESTER PEYTON.  I was more than excite to finally meet him face to face.  We chit chatted for a moment (Denise will say something totally different if you ask her) and then I described my little ball of spit to him.  He wasn't sure what it was but he threw a few things out there.    Low and behold close to the main building there is a wad of spit.  I get a quick shot and run it inside to see someone.  Guess who is now behind the Information Desk...Lester!  I show him my pic and he tells me that it is a spittlebug.  The little bug eats something from the inside if the plant and blows spit bubbles out his bum.  He then covers himself in bubbles and hides in there.  I asked if I could break a leaf off and check it out and Lester said sure.  So now you know all I know about the spittlebug.

First time I have ever seen a Red-winged Blackbird at one of the feeders.  There was a male and female.

Love this little old man of a bird.  Looks like he is 90 years old and forgot his cane. 
Then when I get home I find a Baltimore Oriole on the suet feeder.
It was a great time for a nap.

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