Monday, February 24, 2014

Looking For Dots

So my friend, Denise came over to the crazy house to take shots of the birds in the backyard.  We have all the common ones while she has Bluebirds.  The kids usually sleep all afternoon.  But not today, wouldn't you know.  While she was shooting and I was running back and forth filling cups and changing diapers. She was able to get a few...not as many as she would have liked I don't think.  I always learn something from her when I am with her.  That day I learned that when I am shooting birds I should get their eyes...and if I am really lucky, I should get them with a white dot in the center of their eye. So today while everyone napped, I shot Starlings.  I'd like to shoot them with something else! 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Backyard During and After The Big Storm

The official measurement of our latest storm...4 1/2 inches on top of probably 3 inches of frozen snow and ice.

Taking cover in the Burning bush.

Stretching to get some food. and my shadow...

Cracking open a peanut.

Taking off

This new feeder is driving the squirrels nuts!  They can climb all over it but can't get any seeds.  Really fun to watch!