Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby it's COLD Outside

I got word early last night that school would be cancelled today because of extreme temperatures. So I made myself a little pallet in the family room floor right by the sliding glass doors so I could keep a look out all night.  I'm really dumb that way.  But what can I say...I love snow.  We got some ice, winds and really cold temperatures but no snow.  So Ella Bella and I have been camped out on the pallet all day long!  We've finished a book, watched the birds and taken a few naps.  And had a little excitement.  Heavenly!
Someone keeps hiding from me.

Mark put sunflower seeds in the birdbath.

We have literally be overrun with Starlings.  At one point it looked like a scene from The Birds.

Two feisty birds squawk it out for the log feeder.  We had to add a little peanut butter to the two lower cavities because the suet logs which the birds hate are a lot smaller than the openings.  They are loving the extra peanut butter.

The excitement...Ella and I were into our third little nap of the day when I heard a loud thunk on the sliding glass door. I looked up and didn't see anything but Ella wouldn't stop staring out the door.  And then I say it. A poor little goldfinch, on it's back with its little feet tucked in and breathing really hard.  So I run out to rescue him and grab the camera at the same time...hard to do with only one good hand.  He is stunned.  I know it will take a few minutes for him to recover so I have Mark get a quick shot.  He wakes up and blinks his little eyes and starts moving his little feet.  I quickly take him back outside.  I open my hand.  He stands there.  He turns his little yellow head and looks at me and then takes off into the cold.  Now if I could just have the same experience with a hummingbird.
See you later Sunny! (that's what I named him)

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  1. Great photos, Jan. Love your tale of the goldfinch.


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