. Monday, January 30, 2012 .
I love old stuff.  The old stuff that has seen better days.  Old stuff that I can bring new life into.  We love to drive the back roads because you never know what you will find.  It has sorta been a tradition in both our family to do something 'familish' on Sunday.  We take long, long drives in the country.  There are always snacks involved.  And most likely there will be a dinner stop somewhere we have never eaten before.  We have found some dandy places!

ECT is more that right!  There was so much etc that you could hardly move.  I saw lots of things that were really old and screaming my name but the prices were really, really out of this world.  And the guy was in no mood to bargin.  So we moved on down the road to bigger and better things.

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SOOCSunday...Old Buildings

. Monday, January 23, 2012 .

Friday night while Michael and I were at the scout Airplane Derby this happened.  When we went in it had just started to sprinkle.  But the time we were ready to go home everything was covered with a sheet of ice.  I was skating on the school parking lot.  Michael fell as he got out of the van nearly missing a trip to the ER with a brain injury.  Then yesterday it was in the 50's and today windy and gloomy.  All I want to know is where is the snow?  I'm ready, bring it on!

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SOOCSunday...Baby It's Cold Outside

. Sunday, January 15, 2012 .
Oh how I wish I had some of these for this winter.  I was going thru old pics and found this rainbow of vegetables.  My favorites were the peaches...in looks and in taste.

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. Monday, January 9, 2012 .
It is January 9th and I have tulips/daffodils  coming up.  I'm thinking this winter is going to be a doozie!

Early...Really Early Bloomers

. Sunday, January 1, 2012 .
I almost don't want you to see how rough the 'park garden' looks.  The fall got away from us as you can see.  We had so much rain and way to many leaves.  That darn neighbor of mine...all his leaves blow into my yard!  And he says all of mine blow into his yard.  It is an on going joke.  I'll have to say that he was on top of his yard this year.  Maybe I can hire him for next year.  I can see in my minds eye all the different blooms and greenery that will be here in the spring and summer.  Please come back and see the changes.  And you can check out some other photos of  bloggers that have taken on the challenge of showing something once a month for a year.  Why not join us?  Click here 

First Of The Month...January

. .
This is the strangest plant.  Last year at the beginning of December Lowe's had poinsettias on sale.  They were the biggest I have ever seen!  Seriously three feet in diameter.  I think they are really pretty but I have never had any luck keeping them much after Christmas.  But last year for some reason it stayed pretty.  By pretty I mean it didn't die.  It looked like it should have been pitched into the compost pile.  But I just kept watering and talking to it.  Then when spring rolled around I decided to put it out in the yard to see what would happen.  The strangest thing happened....it got green, fell, and big again.  So on another wild hair we dug it up and brought it inside.  It must have gone into shock because the leaves started to wither up and fall off.  But I kept watering and talking.  Then this year around the first of  December the strangest thing happened.  The leaves that were at the tip of the naked stems started to turn red....but only on one side of the plant.   So now we have a skinny, almost leafless half blooming poinsettia in the living room.  CRAZY!

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SOOC Sunday...Crazy Bloomer