Friday, April 1, 2011

Something's Coming Up

I love the idea behind this something, anything, on the first of the month.  I can hardly wait to see the difference each month.   not much really changing yet.  But I can remember what these beds looked like last summer.  They were so full of color!  Oh, I can hardly wait for the day when they look like that again!




Things are slowly starting to turn green.  I actually had to pull a few weeds from the bed on the right.  If you make the pic bigger you can see that there are some daffodils on their way up.

I can hardly wait to see what looks different in the other photos are are posted.  Join me here.


  1. Thanks for including the previous month's photos for reference. Things can change in the garden so quickly. Are you already planning what's going to be planted in each of the raised beds? Like going on a vacation, planning is half the fun!

    I had a bit of trouble this a.m. posting "Kentucky Skies". It's up now at Summit Musings

  2. It is starting to turn green! Yours looks about the same as my garden. Mostly waiting yet.


  3. Spring is taking a long time this year it seems!

  4. So many people have snow, I'm surprised you don't. Can't wait to see the flowers.

  5. Soon there will e lots to see coming up! It looks so hopeful! :)

  6. I see.... GREEN! Yes spring is here. Cant wait to see what will grow in your garden. Won't be long now.

  7. nothing drastic yet -- but it's calling to life

  8. the weeds are coming up where I live too!!! they never need any help. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  9. The sequence is marvelous! One does have to have patience with a garden.


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