. Tuesday, April 12, 2011 .

I love it when plants volunteer to come up other places then where they are supposed to.  I was weeding on our last sunny day which seems ages ago, and was so thrilled to see this hen....no chicks as of yet but I know they will 'hatch' soon.

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Renegade Chicken

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We love to hike and take in all things nature has to offer.This weekend we went to the Cincinnati Nature Center in Batavia, OH. Lots and lots of photo ops!

As you can see by the brown water, we have had lots of rain, lots and lots of rain.  Later on in the late spring, early summer it wall clear up and be clear as a bell.  While hiking around this reserve pond we ran into one of the Nature Center Employees.  She explained to us that the pond was built as a 'fire hydrant' if the wood frame main house ever caught fire.  My question was...why did they build it so far way from the house?  It sure would be a long way to carry buckets of water or even a long way for a bucket brigade.

There were lots of big green frogs and a few turtles were swimming on the surface.  It was a beautiful day for a hike with my two favorite hiking buddies.

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. Thursday, April 7, 2011 .
Peonies coming up give me such a feeling that spring is coming and summer is right on her tail.  Extra bonus with this one...the seed, probably a sycamore tree seed...our neighbor has a huge one in their backyard.

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. Monday, April 4, 2011 .

This morning before the storm was to hit us , I took the yahoos out for some time on the swings and slide.  While we were swinging I noticed a pair of chickadees going in and out of this birdhouse.  My Mom and Dad had birdhouses hanging from the rafters in their house.  And due to some housecleaning some of them came to live at our house.  I was so excited to see the birds that i ran in the house to get the camera hoping to catch them in the action.  But as you can probably figure out, by the time I got back they were gone.  That's what i get for leaving my camera inside.

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Not Quick Enough

. Friday, April 1, 2011 .
I love the idea behind this blog...photo something, anything, on the first of the month.  I can hardly wait to see the difference each month.   not much really changing yet.  But I can remember what these beds looked like last summer.  They were so full of color!  Oh, I can hardly wait for the day when they look like that again!




Things are slowly starting to turn green.  I actually had to pull a few weeds from the bed on the right.  If you make the pic bigger you can see that there are some daffodils on their way up.

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Something's Coming Up