Sunday, May 2, 2010


Is has been awhile since I participated in the Round Robin Photo Challenge. Sunday evenings around 9AM seem to sneak up on me every week. But I got it this week.

Our challenge...Desk LAMPS. Table LAMPS. Book LAMPS. LAMPS. Street LAMPS. All LAMPS. All good! Show me some LAMPS.

Extra Credit: Show me your favorite LAMP. Tell me why you like it so much!

I'm always looking for the old, rusty and unusual things for the yard. I think my Sweet Pap (Mark's Dad) found this one for me. And it actually works. I plan to light it for the Graduation Party. It will shed light on the drink table, which is actually a table from an old dairy.

Would you like to see other styles, shapes and sizes of lamps from all over the place. Check out the RRPC list.


  1. Hi Wammy :)

    Oh my, it's wonderful! I like to go antiqing sometimes, and I am always drawn to lamps and lanterns. This is one that would have caught my eye! Very nice!


  2. I love kerosene oil lamps, if that's what this is. Regardless, it's very handsome and I can see why you got it. Good job!

  3. Cool lamp. And it works, bonus.


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