. Monday, May 3, 2010 .
This is definitely one meme that I find challenging. I don't have to many reddish plants in the yard. I know that I could probably find other red things and I may just have to resort to sleds or old rusty wagons but for now while the flowers are blooming...flowers it is.This red rhododendron just popped out one morning bright and early. I kept looking out the kitchen window trying to figure out what it was. When I mentioned it to Mark...he knew exactly what it was. He kills me, even remember when and where we got it. The man is amazing. He should be a Master Gardner!

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. Sunday, May 2, 2010 .
Is has been awhile since I participated in the Round Robin Photo Challenge. Sunday evenings around 9AM seem to sneak up on me every week. But I got it this week.

Our challenge...Desk LAMPS. Table LAMPS. Book LAMPS. LAMPS. Street LAMPS. All LAMPS. All good! Show me some LAMPS.

Extra Credit: Show me your favorite LAMP. Tell me why you like it so much!

I'm always looking for the old, rusty and unusual things for the yard. I think my Sweet Pap (Mark's Dad) found this one for me. And it actually works. I plan to light it for the Graduation Party. It will shed light on the drink table, which is actually a table from an old dairy.

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. .
It has been raining since 3AM this morning with lightening and all. I think I saw a bunch of animals walking up the street two by two. Will it ever end? I'm not complaining...the trees, bushes, plants and grass are loving it. I can almost hear the "Ahhhhhh".

I was out in the rain all morning at a big race downtown so I opted to stand in the dryness of the porch to take this shot. When this clematis decides to bloom it will probably be the most beautiful thing in the yard.

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Clematis Blooms