. Thursday, June 11, 2015 .
I see little beaks.

They Are Getting Bigger

. Sunday, June 7, 2015 .
These are such good bluebird parents!  Seems now that the eggs have hatched they do nothing but feed the babies.  Can you imagine feeding six babies!  Dad does his share for sure.

After he finishes feeding mom swoops right in to deliver her meal.
Better start 'growing' some meal worms.  It is going to take lots once I see little beaks peeking out that hole!

Mom and Dad BlueBird Getting Down To Business

. .
I am so excited to see this box filled with eggs!

I first found these three eggs.  I watch and waited.  Waited and watched.  After three weeks nothing.  I thought they were no good.

I was shocked when I saw three more eggs in the nest!  What?  So I googled it.
  "Incubation does not start until all the eggs have been laid, so they will hatch at the same time."
And there is different placement of the eggs.  I know chickens do this also.

And then one day they hatched.  All six of them!  This is one proud Bluebird momma!

The is one day later and they are already starting to turn blue.

Sleeping while I check and count beaks.   All six hanging in there.

Three days after I discovered them.  They get so much bigger so quickly.

This is just my thinking...but I think they know me.  The mom and dad don't seem to be one bit bothered by my checking the nest every day or so.  And they babies sleep through it all.
I'm thinking they aren't going to be in this box very long.  Going to get really crowded real soon.

Bluebird Babies In The Box