. Tuesday, July 27, 2010 .

I am so proud that I finally got a white rose...the deer keep eating the buds.

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Ruby Tuesday

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I've been trying to get started on the yard clean up for the fall because my babies will be coming back , like next week. Seems I am getting an early, late start. I have a feeling I won't have it all accomplished by Monday. But anyhoo....I found these growing...little yellow and white blooms. Could the be peppers? Or are they flowers?
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I Have No Clue

. Monday, July 19, 2010 .

Some people think I have gone off the deep end...they might be right some days. But I have little shoes, ice skates...stuff like that allover the yard and most of them are filled with something that is growing. These were Michael when he was first learning to walk. I love how the blanket flower is resting on the toe of the shoe.

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Little Shoes

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I have been looking for these Naked Ladies to come up for about a month ago. I was talking to my friend and my Dad the other day ad they reminded me that it was still to early for them. I went out again the next morning and found three just breaking the surface. So now I am on a mission...bloom babies, bloom. Fertilizer and lots of water and warm sun go a long way around here. Three days growth and they are starting to bloom...well, the ones that the moles and squirrels didn't eat.

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Me And My Shadow

. Sunday, July 4, 2010 .

In just a few weeks we will be picking these...yummmm...I see a blackberry double crust in my future...Thanks Leigh Ann for the recipe from way back when all we were eating was green beans canned from the garden.

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While I was eating my Monky Bar on the Loveland Bike Trail, I found some little sweat bees on the daisy right beside me. I had to move...no epipen with me.

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'Dirty' Daisy